For me, CrossFit is my passion.  When I’m having a tough day, I can come to the box and workout and instantly feel better. CrossFit is unlike any other sport I have participated in.  It pushes me to my mental and physical limits every time I walk into the gym. CrossFit has made me a healthier person and a stronger person. I have changed so much in the year I have been at CrossFit Gryphon, and I love the person I have become. I have met so many amazing people that have become a family to me. The people I workout with have become big brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers; all people I couldn’t live without. At Gryphon we are all one big family, and we all love and care for each other. If not for CrossFit I would not be as happy as I am today. The box is the place I can come to when I am feeling down, and not only does working out make me feel so much better, the coaches and other athletes improve my mood. My favorite benchmark WODs are Grace, Helena, and Fran. My upcoming goals are to get my first muscle up, and qualify for the 2015 Central East Regionals.
Grace Fugate (age 16), -